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the wolf Pack

Marilynne Meyer

CC Member | Web Developer | Graphic Designer

Ready-to-go attitude, check! Resourcefulness, check! Mel is the creative force behind it all. From captivating visuals to stunning graphics, she's got the magic touch.

Fearless & Quick on her Feet
Mel embodies the spirit of a true wolf in the business world. With her unwavering fearlessness, she tackles every obstacle head-on. She's a master problem solver, always one step ahead and ready to pounce. Nothing can slow her down!

A Blend of "Figureoutability" & "Say Yes"
Mel's mindset is the perfect fusion of "Everything is figureoutable" and "Say yes and figure out how to do it later." She fearlessly accepts any challenge that comes her way and finds ingenious solutions.

Overflowing with Pride
Mel, you're the alpha of this wolf pack! Your creativity, resourcefulness, and quick thinking make us proud to have you on our team. Your contributions have elevated us to new heights, and we can't wait to see what amazing things you'll accomplish next!

Motherly Instincts & Team Support
Mel's motherly instincts extend beyond her own design realm. She genuinely cares for the well-being of her fellow team members and always keeps their needs in mind. Mel's nurturing presence fosters a supportive environment within the wolf pack, whether it's offering a listening ear, providing guidance, or lending a helping hand.

Excellent Teacher
She excels as an exceptional teacher, sharing her knowledge and skills with patience and clarity. Her ability to break down complex concepts and guide others through challenges is admirable. Mel's teaching style creates an environment where learning flourishes, and her patience never wavers.

Mel, your motherly instincts, support, and teaching prowess make you an invaluable asset to our wolf pack. We're grateful to have you as a guiding force in our team's journey! Your dedication to the needs of others and your ability to cultivate growth and learning are truly remarkable.

Let's give it up for Boss Lady Mel, the creative powerhouse who leaves no design stone unturned!

Selina Schneider

CC Member | Content Writer | Marketing Strategist

The Word Wizard
Selina's command over words is truly magical. Her ability to communicate with precision and elegance is awe-inspiring. She weaves enchanting stories, crafts compelling copy, and excels in language-related things.

Assertive, Passionate, and Loving
Selina's strength and passion radiate through everything she does. She excels in her work and extends love and support to those around her. Her genuine care for others is a testament to her kind-hearted nature.

Enthusiasm for What Matters
Selina's enthusiasm is contagious, especially regarding things that truly matter to her. Her dedication and zeal are unparalleled; she never stops championing important causes. Selina is a true inspiration to us all.

Graceful & Stickler for Doing Things Right
Selina embodies grace in both her work and demeanour. She has an unwavering commitment to doing things right, paying attention to every detail and ensuring perfection. Her meticulous nature sets the standard for excellence.

Thinking Outside the Box

Selina's creativity knows no bounds. She embraces innovation and is always thinking outside the box. Her ideas are fresh, bold, and transformative. Selina is a true visionary, constantly pushing boundaries and inspiring the team.

Stylish and Powerfully Suited
Selina's impeccable style is matched only by her powerful presence. She rocks her power suits confidently and elegantly, always ready to make a statement. Her boots are her signature, grounding her as she conquers every challenge.

Office Organizer & Strategy Master
Selina's knack for navigating the ever-evolving world of social media makes her a crucial asset in our digital marketing endeavours. Additionally, she's the office organizer, keeping everything running smoothly and efficiently. She's the backbone of our team.

Boss Lady Selina, you keep us on our toes and raise our daily standards. Your talent, style, and unwavering dedication make you an indispensable wolf pack member. We can't wait to see where your extraordinary ideas take us next!

Shaleen Claasen

Graphic Designer | Marketing Strategist

Shaleen's not your average graphic designer. She's like a humble ninja with a fierce artistic flair. Shaleen can adapt to any design challenge thrown her way faster than a chameleon changes colours. Her commitment to her craft is unwavering, and she's always striving for perfection.

She infuses her own personality into her creations, adding that extra touch of pizzazz that makes them truly unforgettable. She's also incredibly kind-hearted and quick-witted. You'll find yourself laughing in stitches while being amazed by her creative genius.

Shaleen is the epitome of the "say yes" attitude. She's always up for a challenge and never backs down from pushing the boundaries. Her attention to detail is so thorough that she could spot a misplaced pixel from a mile away. She's stylish and carries herself with grace that would make even the most fashionable envy her.

But it's not just her exterior that shines. Shaleen's sparkling eyes have the power to motivate anyone on a dreary Monday morning. She radiates with light and gratitude, bringing a sense of joy and positivity to the workplace that is simply infectious. She seamlessly blends into our boss lady work environment, adding a touch of finesse and creativity to every project.

And let's not forget about Shaleen's heart. She's not just a talented designer; she's genuinely nice and an all-around good person. She's super encouraging, always there with a kind word or a helping hand. You can tell that she's fuelled and motivated by her faith, and she brings a sense of spiritual inspiration to the workplace that is truly uplifting.

So, ladies and gentlemen, get ready to be inspired, entertained, and amazed by Shaleen's incredible talent. She's the perfect fit for our team, and we're thrilled to have her on board. Let’s give a big howl to our new graphic design superstar,