How Upmarket Creative Hub Came To Be: Year One – 2023

Sometimes, fate stitches unexpected patterns in the vast fabric of existence, or cosmic collisions hurl us into other people’s orbits. Allow me to take you on a journey via a story, in 2023, about the meeting of two souls that created such a strong bond that their dreams came true and their visions blended together.

Imagine embarking on a risky voyage that starts with saying goodbye to the familiar and welcoming the mystery of a different country. Our protagonist enters the vibrant world of hospitality after being pulled in by an invisible force. They achieve heights that many people may only imagine, excelling in every area. Despite all of the recognition and success, a persistent feeling of unfulfillment gnaws at their soul.

They silently beseech the heavens for a sign to brighten their way ahead, longing for direction. Then, fate answers their call with a serendipitous bolt of lightning. In a strange symmetry of story, they mysteriously return to the location they had fought so hard to leave behind. This cosmic return’s significance is still unclear, hovering like a puzzle that needs to be solved.

Let’s now change the scene to feature a different heroine in this cosmic drama: a strong mother who must carefully balance responsibility and ambition. She transcends the limitations of a ticking clock, balancing the duties of career and family with an elegant delicacy driven by an unyielding determination to succeed.

Our protagonist, poised between exploring unknown lands and embracing the safety of the familiar, must always weigh the pros and cons of taking a risk versus staying put. Her life becomes a choreography of overtime hours, with every move she makes calculated to fit her life’s necessities into the unyielding timeline.

The two stories’ intricate interplay is woven by fate’s unseen forces. Our protagonists are pulled to one another through unexpected turns, fortuitous encounters, and crossroads. Once distinct, their paths come together to form a common destiny where their strengths complement one another, and the gaps in their lives are filled.

How the Idea Came About

Mel and Selina, both working for the same company, shared their drive and dreams with each other. It was a no-brainer that they had to form the wolfpack and build this creative hub. A partnership and a lifelong friendship and mentorship were formed between Mel and Selina. Their paths were meant to cross.

Selina dreamt of being a writer, constantly feeling like she had something to say and creating tangible ideas with her naturally strategic mind. On the other hand, Mel is the tech-savvy boss lady with her coding skills, graphic design skills, and web development mastery.

Selina’s Alpha Leadership

Coming from a background of hospitality and leadership roles, Selina knew she had what it takes to carve her space in this world. She is a wordsmith, crafting ideas into stories and leading with heart and empathy.

Mel’s Alpha Leadership

Mel‘s worldly and professional experiences, ranging from admin, creative, hospitality, and even a chocolate factory, have made her the ultimate go-getter. She does not shy away from opportunities or challenges. Her ability to foresee trends and translate them into captivating campaigns propels Upmarket’s creative edge. Mel had a calling, a calling to create. 

The Wolf Pack Takes a New Member

Upmarket grew fast, and the workload started piling in. Clearly, they needed another alpha female – one with a softer touch, a heart that radiates faith and the love of our Father. The wolfpack needed Shaleen. Shaleen is now their graphic designer, aligning the alpha females with their purpose and vision. She brings a sense of calmness and security to the team – and sometimes some spiritual therapy.

Conquering the Digital World with Grace and Faith

These three ladies aim to conquer the digital world with grace, precision, and creativity, guided by their faith. Their wolfpack operates as a team, not a company with employees. They are building a dream, creating a vision – upping the market if you will. The wolfpack is just the beginning of a beautiful and powerful testimony.

Thus, the story of Selina and Mel, the Upmarket founders, became a source of inspiration for would-be business owners, demonstrating that a modest idea may become a successful company that has a lasting impact on the world with the right combination of strategy, inventiveness, and unyielding perseverance.

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