Overcoming Me – Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo 

A Serendipitous Gift of Transformation 

Everything is Figureoutable Book Review

Marie Forleo‘s ‘Everything is Figureoutable’ was a serendipitous gift that arrived in my life at precisely the right moment. As a firm believer that there are no coincidences and that if you are open to things, they will find a way to you,  I couldn’t ignore the synchronicity of this book finding its way to me when I needed it most. 

Returning home after an overseas career, I found myself at a crossroads, searching for my sense of purpose and the right path to embark upon. Deep down, I carried an intense longing to do something that truly mattered. Little did I know that within the pages of Forleo’s book, I would discover the key to unlocking the significance of everything I do. 

Discovering Purpose and Passion 

Guided by the exercises and unwavering encouragement within ‘Everything is Figureoutable,‘ I embarked on a profound journey of self-reflection. Amidst the sea of dreams and aspirations, Marie’s gentle yet persuasive voice compelled me to choose one dream—narrowing my focus and uncovering the true essence of my deepest desires; Something that matters. 

It was during this process that I realised my unwavering passion for writing. I always knew I wanted to write, and I had something to say. But I was standing in my way. The urge to share my story, to uplift and inspire through the power of words, became palpable.

I yearned to create a literary realm where individuals from all walks of life could find solace and where the world felt less daunting and lonely. The prospect of touching and changing even a single life through my writing became my ultimate aspiration—a goal that, if achieved, would bring me profound fulfilment. Marie helped me discover that I could make everything that I do matter.  

Launching Upmarket Creative Hub: From Dream to Reality 

Everything is Figureoutable Book Review

Fuelled by the profound insights from ‘Everything is Figureoutable,’ we mustered the courage to take the leap and launch our own business—Upmarket Creative Hub. This hub serves as a sanctuary for creative expression while providing a platform for my writing and advocacy for meaningful causes. Simultaneously, it offers essential services and aids others in building their brands. 

Embracing Uncertainty and Figuring Things Out 

Marie Forleo’s book became the catalyst that propelled me forward, helping me conquer self-doubt and transform my dreams into tangible realities. Through her guidance, I have learned that no obstacle is insurmountable and that every endeavour can hold purpose and impact. ‘Everything is Figureoutable’ is more than a book; it is a powerful tool that has reshaped my perspective and set me on a path of profound fulfilment. 

As I reflect upon the impact of ‘Everything is Figureoutable’ in my life, I can confidently say that this book has been a turning point—an irreplaceable guide that has shown me how to harness my potential, embrace uncertainty, and create a life where everything truly is figureoutable. 

Confession & Determination

In full transparency, I am nowhere near implementing this book and its tools in every area of my life. But when I do become discouraged, which is more often than most of us would care to admit, I am reminded that being human means figuring things out. It is the entire history of our existence. One particular part of the book that seemed so logical, yet I processed it differently this time, was that “Nothing exists in our world that doesn’t exist in our minds.”  

Yes, there are millions of writers and influential people in this world. Yes, there are a million testimonies and self-help books. But there is always room for more voices, perspectives, and dreams.  

Authentic & Raw

Everything is Figureoutable Book Review

However, what sets ‘Everything is Figureoutable’ apart from other self-help books is the remarkable authenticity that Marie Forleo brings to every page. She fearlessly delves into the depths of our self-talk and the beliefs we hold about ourselves, refusing to simply advise us to change those beliefs. Instead, she empowers, motivates, and inspires us to challenge and transform them. 

Marie Forleo is not your typical polished celebrity figure who simply tells you how great life can be if you want it enough. No, she goes beyond that. She shows up as her true, flawed, and relatable self—a real human being who has faced her fair share of struggles and self-doubt. It’s refreshing to read a book that doesn’t sugarcoat the realities of life but rather acknowledges the rawness and imperfections that make us who we are. 

In ‘Everything is Figureoutable,’ Marie shares real-life testimonies that serve as powerful reminders that we are not alone in our doubts, fears, and setbacks. She draws from her own experiences, as well as those of others, to back up her advice and mentorship. It’s through these relatable stories that she connects with readers on a deep level, fostering a sense of camaraderie and understanding. 

Embracing Our Imperfections: A Path to Personal Growth 

What truly resonated with me was Marie’s willingness to embrace her own vulnerabilities. She doesn’t shy away from sharing her imperfections or using colourful language when it authentically reflects the intensity of her message. It’s this raw honesty that makes her guidance all the more impactful. She encourages us to embrace our own humanity, to recognise that we are beautifully flawed individuals with unique voices and a rightful place in this crowded world. 

Reading ‘Everything is Figureoutable’ feels like having an honest conversation with a trusted friend who genuinely cares about your growth and success. Marie Forleo’s genuine approach gives the book an unmistakable realness that cuts through the noise of traditional self-help literature. She reminds us that greatness lies within us all and that we have the power to fight, believe, and go after what we truly want. 

In a world that often promotes perfection and unattainable ideals, Marie’s down-to-earth nature is a breath of fresh air. Her book is a testament to the fact that embracing our humanness, with all its quirks and flaws, is not only acceptable but also crucial to our personal and professional growth. 

A Profound Invitation to Embrace Our Authentic Selves 

With ‘Everything is Figureoutable,’ Marie Forleo has created a masterpiece that stands out from the crowd. It’s a book that goes beyond mere advice and instead offers a profound invitation to embrace our authentic selves, believes in our dreams, and carve our own paths in this vast world. It’s a reminder that each of us has a voice that deserves to be heard and that we are capable of extraordinary things.  

Continuing the Journey of Progress and Perfection 

I will continue to revisit this book as my path unfolds. Reflecting on it now, I have come to realise that the things she says are things most of us already know but never truly grasped or internalised.  

Thank you, Marie, for giving me the platform for my inner voice to speak its truth and for reassuring us that this world has so much room for progress and that within the progress, we usually find perfection. Because living, experiencing and trying in this life is what makes it perfect.

Thank you for showing me how to overcome me. 

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