Unveil Your Creative Genius: Provocative Prompts to Better Your Writing

Creative writing is a talent that can be both exciting and difficult. Whether you’re an experienced writer or just starting out, you’ll come across the dreaded blank page and wonder, “What should I write about?” We’ve got you covered with five creative writing tasks to spark your ideas and improve your abilities. 

Remember to be kind to your mind. Writers Block is perfectly normal – it happens to the best of us. Try visiting our blog post on writers block for more tips on how to overcome it.  

Exercise 1: Consciousness Stream 

Are you feeling stuck? Set a timer for 10 minutes and allow your thoughts run freely on a blank sheet. Don’t overthink it; simply write what comes to mind. Trust the process, even if it appears disconnected or incomprehensible at first. Your stream of thoughts will develop into a cohesive story over time. 

This exercise is sometimes referred to as ‘free-writing‘ and can be a great way to clear out all the clutter in your mind before artistically curating a great story. 

Exercise 2: Alter Your Point of View (POV) 

One of the most successful workouts is to take a book from the shelf, pick a random chapter, and read it. Then, try rewriting the same chapter from the perspective of a different character. This activity not only improves your creativity but also expands your knowledge of character development. 

Altering your point of view can work with any book, in any setting, fiction or fact. Try to remain open-minded during this exercise. you’ll be surprised by the stories that your mind is capable of coming up with. 

Exercise 3: Write a Letter to Your Younger Self 

Write a letter to your younger self, but make it your own. Instead of giving life advice, tell us about the new tale you’re working on. Explain how you came up with the idea, your vision for the finale, and your characters’ journey. This practise will assist you in connecting with your inner storyteller. 

Revisiting your inner child can be an incredibly healing and creative way of expression. It may just give you the confidence boost that you need to tell your mini-me all about your creative endeavours. 

4th Exercise: Borrow a Story 

Take inspiration from a close friend or family and create a story based on their experiences. Add your own creative touches to make it a one-of-a-kind narrative. When putting real lives into your fiction, just be sure you have their permission and respect their privacy. 

This exercise could be a great way to explore different perspectives and lifestyles, whilst voicing your own. 

Exercise 5: Create an Ad 

Look around for an everyday thing. Create an advertisement for it now. Persuade your audience why they should either buy it right away or avoid it at all costs. This activity improves your persuasive writing abilities and broadens your creative writing toolset. 

Explore your assertiveness and persuasion. Don’t over think it tough. It could be as simple as advertising the pen on your desk or the hideous carpet in grandmas kitchen. 

Start a blog as an added bonus 

Given that you’re reading this, you may as well go ahead and start your own blog. Blogging is a wonderful way to practise and show off your creative writing abilities. Furthermore, it provides the possibility to communicate with a worldwide audience. 

With todays tech-abilities, starting a blog does not have to mean public access. You could start a hidden blog and only when and if you feel the inspiration to make it public, share your powerful words with the world. 


Creative writing is an art form that requires ongoing nurturing and practise. These five activities can help you become a more proficient and inventive writer.  

Remember that writing is a voyage of self-discovery, and the more you investigate, the better you will become. So, embrace these exercises, unleash your creative power, and set out on your writing journey. 

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